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  1. Ajax Live Search for Virtuemart

    Make your shop more attractive with ajax search results.

    Virtuemart Ajax Live Search is a simple, Lightweight & fully customizable virtuemart ajax live search module with tons of options. It allows users to search products, categories and manufacturers in your shop/website, and shows the search results in real time.

    Just enter a few letters and the products, categories and brands which best match your query will appear.

    Search results can be displayed in a simple form (names of the products only) or in an extended form (includes photos, prices, descriptions and SKU ).

    All Features:

    1. Ajax empowered, simple and lightweight virtumart search module.
    2. Search products, Categories and manufacturers.
    3. Set minimum number of characters for search.
    4. Set maximum number of results.
    5. Search in product name, sku, category name, manufacturer name and titles.
    6. Show title, price, SKU, description and thumbnails in search results.
    7. Limit the title and descriptions.
    8. Set custom size for thumbnail images.
    9. Change Search and Close/Clear images from list of images.
    10. Custom "No Image" for products, categories and brands.
    11. Custom **google fonts **for result headers and contents.
    12. Custom width or dynamic width for search results.
    13. Scroll bar with custom color and size.
    14. All Styles can be customized through backend options.
    15. Maximizes user's search experience.
    16. Compatible with Joomla 2.5.x, Joomla 3.x, Virtuemart 2.x and Virtuemart 3.x.
    17. SEO Friendly urls.
    18. Compatible with all major browsers.
    19. Easy to install, setup and use.
    20. Instant and fast search results
    21. Bug-free, Secured and fully checked module with easy to extend.
    22. 75+ Options to customize.

    Why this special from others:

    1. Maximizes user's search experience
    2. Results as you type: Instant and fast results
    3. Save time: Reduces the time needed to go from a blank search box to results
    4. Search smarter: Output relevant results.
    5. Type less: Lowers the effort & give output faster for search queries
    6. Scroll bar to give your customers a nice user experience


    In case of any query or support feel free to contact us at

  2. Translate for SP Page Builder

    Easily Translate addons of SP Page Builder component.
    You don't have to duplicate all page , only translate the required field for the translation like title, description... (depends of the addons)

    The last version support the following addons :

  3. Multilingual for Easy Shop

    By default, EasyShop uses multilingual feature of Joomla! core to manage products in difference languages and the multilingual addon allows you manage the translations of all products, categories, tags, custom fields in the easiest way.


    • Translations for all products
    • Translations for all categories, brands, groups...
    • Translations for all custom fields
    • Translations for all tags
    • Translations for all products URLs
    • Using side by side with multilingual of Joomla! core
  4. ReCaptcha for Easy Shop

    EasyShop ReCaptcha allows you add the Google re-captcha for registration, checkout and ask question form and now let's say Goodbye to Spam-Bots.


    • Enable/disable re-captcha for registration form
    • Enable/disable re-captcha for checkout form
    • Enable/disable re-captcha for ask question form
  5. VM Downloadable Goods for Virtuemart

    This component and VMCustom plugin will allow you to deliver for sale files as downloads for your Virtuemart customers. Here are the main features:

    • Multiple for sale files per product
    • Set the allowed order statuses for each file
    • Set the download expiry in days
    • Download buttons available in product details page, order details page, order email, invoice PDF
    • Component provides customers with a My Downloads page with active and expired downloads
    • Download logs in the component backend
    • Automatic login redirection if user is not logged in when clicking the download button from a confirmation email
    • Download logs supported in VM synthetic dashboard
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