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  1. Better Trash

    Better Trash - a better trash button in Joomla!

    Better Trash improves the functionality of the default Trash button.

    Using Better Trash you will need less clicks to view and permanently delete trashed items.

    In Joomla, when you want to view the trashed items, you need to open the Search Tools and set the Status selection to Trashed.
    Then to delete all the trashed items, you need to select all items and click on the Empty Trash button.

    With Better Trash this becomes a lot simpler!

    Want to view the trashed items? Just click on the Trash button (without selecting any items).

    Want to delete all trashed items in that view? Just click on the Empty Trash button (without selecting any items).

    How to use it:

  2. Event Schedule Pro

    Do you need an all in one solution to manage your event or conference speakers, sessions, and schedule? Then Look no further. Event Schedule Pro is an event schedule, speaker, and sessions management system for the Joomla CMS.

    Allow your event speakers to sign up and submit session topics for your next event. Then use the drag and drop schedule builder to display your event schedule with ease.

    Event Schedule Pro was built for YOU!

    With loads of features that will make your event management much easier, faster, and looking more professional than ever, Event Schedule Pro is your best solution for all aspects of event agenda and speaker management.

    Here's some highlights of what Event Schedule Pro can do for your event.

    • Open call for papers
    • Speaker/Presenter registration
    • Session and topic submissions
    • Approval/Reject workflows
    • Supports multi-day events
    • Customizable email templates
    • Easy to use Drag and Drop Schedule Builder makes it easy to quickly create schedules.
    • Customize the schedule format to fit your event & venues.
    • Easy to schedule sessions & view progress
    • Easy to modify when event details change
    • Speaker/Presenter Listings
    • Session Topic Listings
    • Flexible, intuitive interface
    • Unlimited rooms and time slots
    • Session labels/Levels
    • Responsive design
    • Full documentation
    • Fully Supported
    • And much more...
  3. Events articles

    Transforms Joomla articles into events with additional fields for the date, the location and a short description of the event.

    A new event tab in articles of Joomla with two lines for the date, two lines for the location and a short description of the event. Very simple, but enough in a lot of cases ! Display the events in articles, archived articles, featured articles, category blog... with or without icons, before or after the title, before or after the content and much more... The module allows an interactive navigation between articles selected from one or more categories of Joomla. Displaying of events with or without icons, before or after the title, before or after the content and much more...

  4. wbAMP

    wbAMP automatically creates and advertises to search engines an Accelerated Mobile Pages version of your web site content. wbAMP will let you convert Joomla articles and categories, as well as multiple other components.It uses a powerful and custom made conversion engine directly derived from the original AMP specification and validation file, meaning you are sure to have valid AMP pages, regardless of the extensions you are using on your site.

    wbAMP is the first AMP extension for Joomla! released, and was awarded the "Innovation of the year" J.O.S.C.A.R. at JAndBeyond 2016.

    Main features:
    - Updated to latest AMP specification
    - Whitelist based AMP validation, more efficient and reliable
    - Automatic Joomla contact page conversion and operation on AMP pages
    - Support for custom forms
    - Support for DISQUS comments
    - Automatic Joomla com_content and K2 meta data
    - Automatic menus, footer, header
    - AMP User notifications ("cookies law")
    - Color and styles customization through the admin with point and click, no need to write CSS
    - Color themes available from 3rd-parties
    - Use only Joomla JLayouts for output: each and every part of a page can be overriden in the template
    - Simple content tags to show content only on AMP, or only on standard pages
    - Include modules
    - Automatic social media elements conversion (tweets, Facebook posts, YouTube videos, ...)
    - Build AMP slideshows
    - Social sharing buttons: multiple positions, and anywhere in your content with tags
    - Full Google Analytics and Google Tags Manager support
    - Analytics events tracking: click, scroll, time,...
    - Choose plugins to disable on AMP pages
    - Automatically remove tags from common plugins: all Regular Labs plugins, RSForms, ChronoForms, WidgetKit, Simple Image Gallery, Phoca Gallery
    - Unique Standalone mode, for AMP-only sites
    - Support for any Advert format accepted by AMP: multiple positions, and anywhere in your content with tags
    - Force AMP for mobile, or mobile+Tablets visitors
    - Detailed documentation
    - Warnings in case of misconfiguration
    - Available in 9 languages (see FAQ on site)

  5. JO WhatsApp Contact Button

    JO WhatsApp Contact Button is a Joomla module which can create chat with you at WhatsApp. It is very simple to use and adaptive to any Joomla 2.5, 3.x website.
    Now your visitors / readers / customers can chat with you at WhatsApp, directly from your page / blog / store to the mobile!! No need to add your mobile phone number to the mobile address book.
    An online chat system provides visitors / readers / customers immediate access to help. Wait times are often much less than a call center, and visitors / readers / customers can easily multi-task while waiting.
    This module allows you to create an unlimited number of WhatsApp chat buttons, highly configurable, to show it in different parts of your site to chat with your visitors / readers through WhatsApp, the most popular messaging app.
    Vital module for your site, which allows you to create stronger relationships with your visitors / readers by guiding and advising them in real time.

    - Worked fine on joomla 1.6, 1.7, 2.5 and 3.x.
    - You can display the block in multiple positions and places: in homepage, frontpage, page, post, checkout, customer account etc.! Configure where do you want to display it.
    - You can define a different phone number for each button. For example: you can define a number for after sales support, another number for questions about your catalogue and show it only at product page, another number for checkout process support and show it only at checkout page, etc.
    - It opens WhatsApp app automatically, both PC and mobile!.
    - Your visitor / reader / customer don’t need to add your mobile phone number to the mobile address book. The chat will be opened automatically with your phone number, even in desktop and in mobile.
    - Answer chats from WhatsApp web and from your mobile device.
    - Adaptive and responsive design (RWD), valid for all resolutions of your computer and mobile device.
    - Compatible with all web browsers.
    - Compatible with mobile.
    - Works with any theme.
    - Change color button.
    - Change color icon.
    - Simple and Friendly user interface.
    - Ease to use.
    - 5 animation effects.

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